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Personal Licence Pocket Book

The Personal Licence pocket book is a UK only app, desigend to teach the UK Licence Laws with a quiz, it is the most fun way to learn the laws of the licence trade.

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Intelligent Tally Counter

Intelegent Tally counter is designed to count people. Ideal for use where places need people counting in and out, ideal for bars, nightclub, concerts and anywhere were the number of people need counting. 

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GP Profit Calculator

Profit Calculator works out Cash Profit, Gross Profit and Mark Ups on items you sell. Simply enter how much you pay for a item, how much you sell it for, and this app works out how much Cash Profit made, The % Gross profit and the % Mark Up of the item. 

Works on both IPhone and IPad.

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Hidden Stuff - Beach Edition

This is our Totally Free, Advert Free game for you to play! Download this game today!

Scattered all around this beautiful beach have been left loads of random items and various objects, which you may or may not find scattered at a real beach. 

Your mission is to find the items scattered around the beach. You don't have all day, but you only have a limited time to do it! Get a item right and we give you extra time, get a item wrong and you get punished by us taking time off you. Make sure you you collect all the items in time, or you lose the Game. 

There is loads of achievements for you to obtain, some easy, some hard! See how your friends are getting on via Game Centre.

Get cleaning the beach Now, not only is it fun, addictive, easy to understand, its good for the environment too*!

We have added infomation about what happens when stuff is left on the beach.

Thank you for downloading and support.

* Note Cleaning a Virtual beach probably makes no actual difference to the environment.

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Animal Playground

Animal Playground is a young children's game, aimed at helping them learn identification, spelling and how to say a number of different animals. Its fun and entertainment, as well as a huge learning experience. Including 6 great educational levels and the option to Brag about your child's score on Twitter or Facebook, as well as keeping a record of high scores from each level. Let you child not only be entertained but learn too! Works on IPhone and IPad.

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Jet Pack Jimbo and the Space Caves

Jimbo straps on his retro style jet pack, becoming Jet Pack Jimbo, his mission is to explore the space caves, with just him, his trusty jet pack and his space gun.

Fly through the space caves, avoiding the roof and floor, avoiding the nasty aliens and the "programmed to kill Retro Robots".

With simple controls of Throtle to move up, and a control to shoot your weapon, this game is very addictive.

Bewarned due to the retro style of Jimbos Jet pack, it needs fuel, and lots of it, so make sure you collect all the fuel within the space tunnel, and try collecting the diamonds, so when Jimbo gets back to earth he's rich and doesn't have to work again.

This action packed retro style arcade game is fun for the whole family.

Language Supported:
English, German, Spanish and French - although it's simple enough to play in other languages.