Intelligent Tally Counter

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Intelligent Tally Counter

Intelegent Tally counter is designed to count people. Ideal for use where places need people counting in and out, ideal for bars, nightclub, concerts and anywhere were the number of people need counting. 

With Intelegent tally counter, you can count people in and out, you can determine the difference between male and female, working out current percentages of each. 

Not only does the tally show how many people are in a venue at the current time, but it also shows the maximum amount of people who came in the venue at one time, as well as the total number of people entering a venue over a session. 

Ideal for Door Staff or Security, ideal for venue managers. Prefect for when officials want to check your venue. 

Written by a person who has been in the club and bar trade for a number of years.

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