Hidden Stuff Beach Edition

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Hidden Stuff  Beach Edition

This is our Totally Free, Advert Free game for you to play! Download this game today!

Scattered all around this beautiful beach have been left loads of random items and various objects, which you may or may not find scattered at a real beach. 

Your mission is to find the items scattered around the beach. You don't have all day, but you only have a limited time to do it! Get a item right and we give you extra time, get a item wrong and you get punished by us taking time off you. Make sure you you collect all the items in time, or you lose the Game. 

There is loads of achievements for you to obtain, some easy, some hard! See how your friends are getting on via Game Centre.

Get cleaning the beach Now, not only is it fun, addictive, easy to understand, its good for the environment too*!

We have added infomation about what happens when stuff is left on the beach.

Thank you for downloading and support.

* Note Cleaning a Virtual beach probably makes no actual difference to the environment.

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